ICL Americas Cyber Cup 2023

“The labs and live-fire training provided by Cyberbit are so much more fun and beneficial than reading and videos. Your teamwork and skillset are put to the test in these exercises that are based on real world attacks and threat actors. The competition was nerve-racking waiting on the results after each round to see if we advanced, especially the last round as it kept how we did hidden. I’m proud of how well the team did, and it goes to show the tremendous job North Dakota is doing in cybersecurity.”

Ben Paulus

Principal Active Defense Analyst,
North Dakota Information Technology

Jon Heard, Sr. Cybersecurity Analyst (Participant/Team Member)

Competing in the ICL was a rewarding experience that validated all the effort we put into training to defend North Dakota’s network. It was an honor to represent NDIT in a challenging lab environment representing real-world attack scenarios. I look forward to continuing to ‘sharpen the saw’ and bring home the gold next time.

Jon Heard

Sr. Cybersecurity Analyst,
North Dakota Information Technology