How it Works

What is the ICL Americas Cyber Cup?​

The International Cyber League (ICL) Americas Cyber Cup is a virtual cybersecurity competition that tests and evaluates cyber defense teams’ ability to respond to simulated real-world cyber-attacks. The purpose of the competition is to give your team a chance to put its cyber skills to the test: detecting, investigating, and mitigating simulated real-world cyber-attacks in a hyper-realistic environment that includes enterprise-grade networks and commercial security tools. Each round provides increasingly complex challenges and ultimately crowns one team as the Best Cyber Defense Team in the Americas.

Who can participate

Each team is comprised of three members plus a team manager, currently employed by the same organization and a member of its SOC or incident response team. Teams must have the signoff of their managers and the company they are representing, and team members must be at least 18 years of age.

How do I register to participate?

Registration is online only, and all three team members must complete and submit the registration form. When you register, we will ask you for your team’s name, so please make sure to talk to your teammates and choose one before you register!​ Once you have registered you will receive instructions for a connectivity test to ensure you can connect to the Cyberbit servers.

What do I need to participate?

For the competition itself, you will need your computer, a browser, a strong internet connection, your teammates, and the ability to connect to Cyberbit.

What skills are covered by the ICL Americas Cyber Cup?

Skills that you can expect to be covered by the ICL include malware analysis, Windows OS, Linux OS skills, knowledge of security tools such as Splunk Enterprise Security, Palo Alto Firewall, and others.​