ICL Collegiate Cup

The ICL Collegiate Cup allows students in cyber security programs to compete in live-fire challenges that mirror the scenarios they will face on the job in a hyper-realistic cyber range. It is a prime opportunity for students to prove that they have what it takes to excel in their careers as cyber defenders – and win world-class prizes!

The first hyper-realistic tournament for cyber defense teams

The International Cyber League (ICL) is a virtual cybersecurity competition that tests and evaluates cyber defense teams’ ability to respond to simulated real-world cyber-attacks. Teams are immersed in a hyper-realistic environment with enterprise-grade networks, commercial security tools, and real-world cyber-attack scenarios and are required to detect and respond to a live attack. The ICL is a global competition and conducted for institutions of higher learning, financial organizations, government agencies, large enterprises, and services providers.

Why Attend?

Test your cyber capabilities

Accelerate your career path

Win unbelievable prizes

Feel the adrenaline!