ICL Americas Cyber Cup Championship

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The First Hyper-Realistic Tournament for Cyber Defense Teams in the Americas

Miami Dade College and Cyberbit partner for the first ever ICL Americas Cyber Cup! The tournament will allow cyber defense teams from organizations in North and Latin America to compete against real-world attack vectors, simulated in a hyper-realistic environment that includes enterprise grade networks and commercial security tools. Teams will vie for the prestigious title of ‘Best Cyber Defense Team in the Americas’ as they compete under strict time constraints against real-world cyber-attacks just like the ones they will face in the real world.  Game on!

Why Attend?

Validate cyber readiness

Prepare for real-world attacks

Optimize team performance

Feel the rush!

Registration now open.
Here’s how the ICL Americas Cyber Cup works:

Competition is between teams of three, comprised of individuals from the same organization. The tournament has been planned so that it will not interfere with your ongoing work. The qualifier round consists of three labs, estimated to take one hour each. Semi-finals and final rounds will consist of one live-fire exercise per round, simulating a complete cyberattack in a virtual security operations center (SOC).  Live-fire exercises are estimated to take up to four hours per exercise.  The tournament is entirely virtual; participants will receive login details to a cloud-based cyber range. Communication between team members, as well as support and moderation, will take place over Zoom.

May 22

  • Opening Ceremony and Cyber Range Access

May 22 – June 16

Round 1

  • All Teams
  • 3 Cyber Labs
  • Individual Challenge
  • 1 Hour/Lab

June 20 – July 7

Round 2

  • Top 16 Teams
  • Live-Fire Challenge
  • Team Challenge
  • Up to 4 Hours

July 10 – July 14

Round 3

  • Top 4 Teams
  • Live-Fire Challenge
  • Team Challenge
  • Up to 4 hours

July 16

Winners Announced!

The Prizes

First Place

MacBook Pro 13-inch

Second Place

iPad Pro

Third Place

Apple Watch Series 8

Fourth Place

Apple AirPods Pro

Powered by the Market
Leading Cyber Range

The ICL Americas Cyber Cup is powered by Cyberbit, the world’s most widely used platform for experiential cyber security learning, corporate training, and cyber readiness. The platform is best known for its hyper-realistic attack simulation capabilities that mirror real-world scenarios. The tournament will give your cyber defense team a unique opportunity to experience live threat vectors running in massive scale networks and use leading security tools, including a Splunk SIEM and a Palo Alto Networks firewall, to address the threats.

Do I Qualify to Register?

Registration is online only. Each team must consist of members from the same organization. When you register, you will need to provide your organization’s name, your team’s name, your team captain’s name, your team member’s names, and corporate emails from the same organization for each team member.

Recommended Prior Knowledge

The tournament will focus on networking, malware analysis, Windows OS and Linux OS skills.

Some of the challenges will feature Splunk Enterprise Security, Palo Alto Firewall and more…

Prior knowledge and learning of these tools and cyber security topics are encouraged.

Are You Ready to Compete?

Participation is FREE.
Registration Closed on May 20, 2023 23:59 ET